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Just about! If they were giving away free $100 bills at your doorstep would you get yours? We offer many free benefits valued at over $300 with our bankruptcy products but many do not take advantage of them. Here is a partial list.

Free Ask-a-lawyer | Free court fee waiver - this alone saves almost $400 | Free inclusion of spouse | Free unlimited creditors | Free unlimited assets protection | Free live-demo | Free credit report access | Free credit restoration information and more. Worse yet, some people blindly pay for worthless blank forms from slick $49 sites rather than download them for free. Here are our products.

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You saved my life

You saved my life... I kid you not. {...} We were in a desperate situation, we couldn't afford a lawyer, we ran out of options and then I found your site...
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for this great site. You saved my life and my family... I kid you not. It was last winter. the ice storm knocked out the power for a few days and just like that, my husband was out of a job. We were in a desperate situation, we couldn't afford a lawyer and we ran out of options and then {...}  With four mouths to feed and nothing coming in, they cut the utilities and then repossessed our only car. We sent the kids off to grandma and tried to tough it out and then the eviction notice came. We had paid our rent on time for years but the management company did not care. 

To make a long story short, we went to see a lawyer and he did not want to hear our sob story. Needless to say, we couldn't afford him. He actually chuckled when I asked if we could file now and pay him later. As we left the office I was in tears and then his secretary ran out to us in the parking lot and handed me your web site scribled on a stickit note. That is how we found you. {...}

I was such a nervous wreck and my husband Craig, it was as if a truck had run him over so he was no help. I knew I couldn't do it myself not even with software so I went with full service. I usually do not buy anything off the internet but the price was right and seeing as you were recommended I just went for it. {...} 

Everything went smooth as you said it would... When it can time for the trustee he asked why our lawyer was not in court with us and we said we didn't have one. He said, "very good" and that was it. It was an awesome feeling I wasn't missing anything. We did not have to come back again as many other people with lawyers had to. We are so greateful that we found you and that it was all legit no hidden fees or scams. Truthful and caring which was what we so needed.

You know, a lot of people take good service for granted and do not come back to say thanks... but after what happened to us and after what you guys did for us, I did not want to be one of those people. I just had to say thank you. I hope you can find some little spot on your site to put this so that others can know that if we could get out of our situation, so can they. Thanks again.

Sandra K - Maine


Start with the live-demo

Please click the live-demo button before continuing with the web site.

Only a live-demo can ensure that you are paying for real bankruptcy software, not blank forms like all other software sellers.
The live-demo takes your information and creates the bankruptcy petition form in realtime. The idea is to demonstrate that there is no hide and seek as is the case with other so called bankruptcy software.

It is difficult to create real bankruptcy software so a few web sites cheat. They simply download the free bankruptcy forms off the court web sites and re-brand them as bankruptcy software and then sell them to unsuspecting people for $49.

These fake software sites look authentic. Really! You cannot tell them from our genuine bankruptcy software. In fact these web sites look more conviencing than ours. The only way to spot them is that they do not offer a live-demo. You cannot demo something that is fake without exposing the secret. If they do not offer a live-demo then it does not matter whatelse they say.

Note that this assertion about fake software does not apply to web sites selling full-service bankruptcy services since they are hand prepared bankruptcies. You can find a list of the full-bankruptcy sites at Chapter 7 Online Bankruptcy Reviews.

Full-Service Bankruptcy

Our flagship product

Our flagship product is the full-service bankruptcy. We make no bones about it. It is the best there is.
We offer three distinct products and the top of the line by far is our full-service product. We would rather everyone purchased the full-service product but this is not because it costs more. 

Our bankruptcy software is exceptional, but full-service bankruptcy is a whole other level of product. If you insist on software, then our bankruptcy software is the only authentic software product on the market.

Under the full-service bankruptcy product --- You give us your information and we do the rest.

You can kick back
Watch TV 
Smell the roses
Sleep all day long
While we do all the work for you

Here are just a few benefits that come with our full-service product:

  • We will prepare every official Federal bankruptcy document that you will need for a 100% complete Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy filing.
  • These are court ready, so all you do is sign them and turn them in to the court!  
  • Joint filing with your spouse. If you are married, you can file a separate bankruptcy by yourself or you can file a joint one with your spouse for the same onetime price. Just about everyone else charges extra to add a spouse to the filing but we don't.
  • We will accept an unlimited number of creditor listings from you at no extra charge. Attorneys and paralegals will quote you one price but when they actually see that you have many creditors, their price could triple. Blast us with as many creditors as you have, 10, 20, 50, 200. It makes no difference.
  • We will accept an unlimited number of collection accounts from you at no extra charge. Say you have a medical bill that has been sent to 10 different collection companies. You can give us the medical bill and all the collection companies without fear of overloading us or of getting charged extra. Many lawyers and bankruptcy preparers limit you to the first five or ten creditors after which they hit you with a hefty price increase. Some charge as much as $20 per creditor after the first set.
  • No Forms to Fill
    No Software to Download
    No Room for Mistakes

  • Access to your annual free credit report.
  • Free ask-a-lawyer puts you in contact with local bankruptcy lawyers in your area. You can ask them an unlimited number of questions and get answers to all of them.
  • You can make as many changes as you like to the information that you give us. Let us say that you do not have all your bills ready right now. You can give us the bills that you have now and come back later and add as many more as you like prior to our preparing the documents. We will not charge you extra.
  • We can finish the documents in less than one day and, if necessary, in just a few hours. This is lightning fast when you consider that attorneys and paralegals take two or three weeks and even the so called online web sites take at least one week.
  • Ultra easy questionnaire. You give us your bills and information on the easiest online questionnaire possible. With others, you have to fill in reams and reams of questionnaire just to give them the information to work with. With our online questionnaire, if you have a few creditors, you could be done giving them to us in 10 to 15 minutes. Compare that to the several days it could take you to fill out the attorney or paralegal questionnaire. 
  • You can save the information that you give us with the click of a button. Let's say that you need a few days to gather all your bills. You do not have to wait till you have all your bills to get started. Just enter the ones that you have now and click the Save button. You can then come back days later and continue where you left off. You can even go back to the ones that you had previously entered and make changes.
  • While just about every bankruptcy web site shares a web server with hundreds of other companies, we own and maintain our own multiple redundant servers to ensure that the privacy and security of your data is never compromised. This level of security costs us many dozens of times more than what other bankruptcy web sites spend on hosting their sites, but in the long run you are very well worth it. When you hire us to prepare your documents, your information is more secure and private with us than with any attorney or web site anywhere.
  • Our privacy policy is very simple. We never ever share any of your information with anyone and we never send you span. When you hire us to prepare your bankruptcy, you get the security and privacy that  you would expect if you did it yourself behind locked doors.
  • Most important of all, we back our work with a full money-back guarantee.

You Decide What Bill To Get Rid of

When you hire us to prepare your bankruptcy, we do not dictate to you what to bankrupt. We use only the bills that you give us. Here are just a few of the debts that people turn over to us.

  • Credit card debts regardless of amount owed
  • Store cards of all types
  • Medical bills from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars
  • Medical collections
  • Auto accident debts including insurance liabilities
  • Personal loans
  • Collateral loans secured by small items like household possessions such as the ones from Household Finance or from the Money Store or from any of the many collateral lenders
  • Collateral loans secured by big items such as computers, big screen TVs, boats etc
  • Auto loans regardless of amount owed
  • Home loans regardless of ultimate disposition
  • Attorney fees
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • You are not a bankruptcy expert
    So don't take the chance
    Let our experts do it

  • Federal taxes
  • State taxes
  • Student loans
  • Pending lawsuits
  • Threatened lawsuits
  • Closed lawsuits
  • Wage garnishments
  • Pending auto repossession
  • Deficiency on past repossessed autos
  • Eviction
  • Phone bills
  • Gas bills
  • Cable bills
  • Electric bills
  • Nonsense no-name hate bills from unknown parties aimed at making you miserable
  • Foreclosure
  • Collection accounts of all types
  • Gambling debts
  • Various unsecured debts
  • Secured debts not already listed
  • We are even given divorce related debts such as when a spouse is stuck with all the community bills, or the attorney fees of the other spouse and more
We do not decide what you should bankrupt and we do not tell you whether or not to include all or some of your credit cards. You are in control. You give us the bills you want and we go to work for you. Now, if you are not sure what is best for you, you can always call an attorney to get advice.

Here is How it Works

Select Full-Service

Select full-service

  1. Click the button above to select full service. 
  2. Go to the bottom of that new page and place your order.
  3. Log in to our secure paid-customer site after purchasing and give us your information from there. We ask for basic information such as your name and address and information on your bills.
  4. If you need your credit report, we provide you a link to get it.
  5. If you have questions for a lawyer, use the free ask-a-lawyer link on the secure site to reach them for free.
  6. Help from us is only a click away. You can contact our experts as often as you need like if you need to. We are always there for you.
  7. When you have finished giving us your information we will prepare everything for you and give them to you.
  8. All you do is sign the documents in the places we indicate and file them with the court. We provide you the court location and any other information you will need.
  9. We also provide you all the information you will need for the trustee meeting. Your meeting with the trustee lasts only about one minute and is nothing to worry about. It is mostly just a formality.
  10. A few weeks after the trustee meeting the court will send you a notice discharging your debts. It is just that simple.
It all starts with your selecting full-service to have our experts prepare everything for you.

If you decide to use software, you can select our Genuine Bankruptcy Software product. We recommended software for people who are on a tight budget and want to save every last penny.

If you are still not sure which to use, full-service or software, then visit the bankruptcy review sites to see which one they recommend. Here are the links to the review sites:  Chapter 7 Online Bankruptcy Reviews.
Product Features Genuine Software Managed Software Full
  View View View
Bankruptcy Software
Chapter 7 and chapter 13
Includes 100% of the official bankruptcy documents, fully court-ready
Documents are always up-to-date
You can perform a free Live Demo
Documents are valid in all 50 states
Complies with all federal and state bankruptcy rules
Covers joint filing at no extra cost
Flat fee pricing with no hidden fees
Use it online. Nothing to install
Guaranteed court acceptance
Free ask-a-lawyer included
Free credit report access
Includes the court filing fee waiver documents, so you don't pay the court fee if you earn low income
Full customer support
Managed Bankruptcy Software
Includes all the features of the Managed Bankruptcy Software
Our experts review the bankruptcy information that you enter in the software before you print and file - saving you from potentially catastrophic damage to you case. Any beginner filing using any bankruptcy software is likely to make serious errors that will go unnoticed until it is too late. The expert review catches the errors before they become problems
Full-Service Bankruptcy only features
Our bankruptcy experts prepare the bankruptcy for you so your discharge approval is a certainty
There is no software to worry about since we do it all for you
You do not need expert review as an add-on since the documents are prepared by the actual experts
You submit your bankruptcy information to us online from your browser whenever you want, day and night
You can take your time giving us your information, so you do not have to give it all to us at once
You can modify the information that you submit to us as often as you like and at any time, until we have prepared the documents.
We return the finished documents to you from a link on our secure customer-only site
Your documents will be ready usually in just a few hours and never more than in one day
Our finished documents are complete and ready to file. All you do is sign your name and file them
If you need to amend your bankruptcy after you have filed or after your discharge, we can help arrange it
We also provide you information that will help prepare you for the trustee meeting at no extra cost
Unlike with software, under our full service, we take responsibility for your bankruptcy filing
For your peace of mind we back our work up with a full money-back guarantee
Full-service is the absolutely best way to have your bankruptcy done. It ensures that your bankruptcy goes smoothly and that you discharge the most amount of debt possible.

Compared to others web sites

We are confident that once you compare us to other bankruptcy web sites, you will agree that we are the right choice. The table below shows how we compare to the other popular bankruptcy web sites.

You can also visit the top bankruptcy review sites listed below, to see what others are saying about us.

Chapter 7 Online Bankruptcy Reviews

Online Bankruptcy Reviews

Compare Bankruptcy Sites

Product Features Our Site Competitor Site #1 Competitor Site #2
  View American Online Bankruptcy Center Mueller Bankruptcy Group
Offers Bankruptcy Software
Offers Managed Bankruptcy Software
Chapter 7 and chapter 13
Offers Full-Service
Lowest Software Price $59 $89
Full-Service price $249 $269 $299
3 bankruptcy product options
Free ask-a-lawyer included
Free credit report access